NAEP Membership Structure

The following membership categories offer a variety of membership types to provide options for members to be a part of NAEP according to their education, professional interests, employer interests, and career pursuits. Most of the former membership types have not changed, with membership rates unchanged, and reflect the most popular, yet diverse, membership opportunities.

Recent changes include:

  • The Group Membership category now includes an additional individual (5 to 6) with an incremental increase in cost. All Corporate or Government Agency Memberships will be moved to the Group General category. 
  • In an effort to make student memberships more accessible, the cost of a student membership has been reduced to $50 per year.
  • The transitioning membership and non-voting group memberships have been removed due to redundancies with other available membership types.
  • There is now a new membership rate available for Government & Tribal Employees. 

Voting Membership Types

  • General Member  |  $175/yr
    • A minimum of two (2) years of professional experience in an environmental discipline (e.g., project or task manager, etc., who exercises independent judgment in an interdisciplinary environmental field).

  • General Member (Government & Tribal Employees)  |  $75/yr
  • Group General Member  |  $1000/yr (Up to 6 members, additional members can be added for $175 each)
    • Organizations, including private, public, non-profit, and governmental entities, that participate in environmental regulation, management, education, research, or advocacy that wish to participate in the activities of NAEP.
    • Group General Membership includes up to six designated members from one company, who collectively shall be allowed one vote as a NAEP member and shall designate the individual member of the organization authorized to vote as a member on NAEP business.
    • Group General members must meet the qualifications for a General Member.
  • Emerging Professional Member  |  $95/yr
    • Individuals who have entered the profession but do not yet meet the criteria for General Membership. An individual is eligible for this category of membership for no more than two (2) years and needs approval by the Membership Committee Chair.
  • Emeritus Member  |  $95/yr
    • At least sixty-five (65) years of age.
    • Have at least 20 years of experience as an environmental professional.
    • Retired from full-time professional activities.
    • Are working no more than 20 hours of paid work per week in an environmental profession.
    • Meet requirements of General Member,.
  • Fellows Member  | $0/yr
A lifetime membership is granted by the Board of Directors to those members who have made significant contributions to the growth and development of the NAEP, have served in leadership positions in the NAEP, have demonstrated good judgment and integrity, have achieved an exemplary level of accomplishment in the environmental profession, and have met all of the following requirements:
    • Must have fifteen (15) years of professional experience.
    • Must have been a Voting Member for five (5) or more years.
    • Must have been in responsible charge for five (5) or more years.
    • Must be certified unless individually exempted by the Board of Directors.

Non-Voting Membership Types

  • Student Member  |  $50/yr
    • Enrolled in a school of recognized standing and pursuing an environmental degree and registered in at least one (1) course in environmentally-related disciplines. A copy of a current transcript is required.
  • Associate Member  |  $145/yr
    • Not otherwise eligible for another grade of membership.

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