Session D1

Technical and Legal Perspectives of Coastal Resiliency and Adaptation

Tim J. Perry, Esq

9:30 – 11:00 AM ET

About the Presentation

Technical and Legal Perspectives of Coastal Resiliency and Adaptation Panel by Timothy J. Perry, Esq. and Danielle Irwin. This presentation covers the technical and legal perspectives of Coastal Resiliency and Adaptation.

Ms. Irwin’s portion of the presentation provides an overview of what coastal resiliency is; how governments, businesses, and individuals are planning to address resiliency challenges; and innovative projects and strategies that are underway in Florida to improve resiliency to sea-level rise and storms.

Mr. Perry’s portion of the presentation discusses Florida’s laws that require local governments to plan for coastal resiliency. He will also discuss various laws and ordinances that are being passed in Florida and across the nation to address coastal resiliency issues, as well as discuss how some local governments are having to apply laws already on the books in new ways to address coastal resiliency related problems. Finally, he will discuss unresolved legal issues associated with coastal resiliency and adaptation strategies and discuss options for addressing these problems.

About the Speaker

Tim J. Perry, Esq.
Gardner, Bist, Bowden, Dee, LaVia, Wright, Perry & Harper, P.A

Timothy J. Perry is a shareholder with his firm, Gardner, Bist, Bowden, Dee, LaVia, Wright, Perry & Harper, P.A., in Tallahassee, Florida. His practice concentrates on representing clients statewide in the areas of environmental, coastal, utility, land use, and administrative law. Mr. Perry is admitted to practice in Florida and Alabama.


Danielle Irwin, LEED AP PWS
Cummins | Cederberg

Danielle H. Irwin heads the Tallahassee office of Cummins | Cederberg, southeast Florida’s largest professional engineering firm uniquely specialized in the coastal and marine environment. Ms. Irwin’s public and private experience spans the development spectrum including working waterfronts (marinas/dry stacks, ports, cruise industry), beachfront development, shoreline stabilization (seawalls to living shorelines), beach/inlet management, waterfront parks and public spaces, innovative municipal stormwater management, flood management, and coastal resilience. Ms. Irwin is a Certified Floodplain Manager, Professional Wetland Scientist, and LEED Accredited Professional.

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