Environmental Practice: Call for Submissions

We Need You: A Message from the Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Practice

Hi Everyone,

NAEP's scholarly publication, Environmental Practice, is accepting articles for upcoming issues of the journal. Frankly, we need more NAEP members to submit manuscripts for publication. The success of any journal associated with an organization depends on its members (and non-members) to provide content for the journal. NEAP members have not done enough in this area and this reflected in the low number of articles in recent issues. Your help is needed to change this.

Please consider sharing some of your knowledge and expertise with readers of the journal. If you take a few moments to reflect on your experiences, I expect you could think of one or more topics that would make a good article for the journal. As NAEP members, we need to share what we have learned from our work experiences with others in the profession. That is how we advance our profession and stay relevant.

Environmental Practice is looking for you to submit the following kinds of manuscripts:
  • Research Articles: manuscripts that report the results of systematic study on an environmental problem (up to 5,000 words, peer reviewed)
  • Environmental Reviews and Case Studies: manuscripts that organize and summarize a research literature similar to a meta-analysis (up to 6,000 words, peer reviewed)
  • Reviews: manuscripts that portray the content, quality, and significance of books or films of wide interest to environmental professionals and their practices. (approx 750 word, not peer reviewed)
  • Perspectives from the Field: statements of informed opinion intended to provoke discussion and debate on particular issues (500 to 1,000 words, not peer reviewed)
  • Dialogue: responses to other manuscripts or controversies within the professional or academic discipline (50 to 1,000 words, not peer reviewed)

If you have any questions or would like additional information about making a submission, please contact me at [email protected]. You can also find out more about the journal on the NAEP website. Under the "Resources" tab on the menu, scroll over "Publications" and select "Environmental Practice Journal."

I hope you will seriously consider submitting a manuscript.

Kris W. Thoemke, Ph.D., CEP

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