NEPA Practice Committee

The NEPA Practice Committee is NAEP’s most dynamic, cross-cutting national Committee. It is comprised of four focus areas of professional interest: NEPA Practice, Transportation, Energy, and Sustainable Systems. The Committee plays a lead role in keeping NAEP membership informed of important legislative and regulatory changes and their potential impacts on the environment and it serves to highlight best practices for all environmental professions. The Committee also informs environmental professionals on important energy issues and environmental policies, regulations, and legislation. Through the work of this Committee, NAEP members gain a broader appreciation of the value of NEPA and the NEPA process while more confidently understanding the role of the federal government in addressing social, economic, and environmental issues in project development.

Please contact Chuck Nicholson via e-mail: [email protected].

Please contact the national office at [email protected] to get involved in this energetic and productive Committee.