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The National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) hosts several webinars throughout the year. Keep an eye on our event calendar to see what's coming up next! 

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Upcoming 2020 Webinars
09/30/2020 Applying the New CEQ NEPA Regulations (NAEP Members Only)
10/5/2020 APU Webinar: Quality of the Human Environment and Green Structure
10/8/2020 NAEP Webinar: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Thresholds: A Cautionary Tale from California
11/18/2020 APU Webinar: Spatial Analysis in Environmental Planning
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NAEP Offering Complimentary Select Past Webinars to Members During COVID-19

We understand that each of you has been impacted by COVID-19 in different ways. While we continue to navigate what will happen with this year's annual conference and prepare new webinars while working remotely, we'd like to extend an offer to view some of our most popular and still relevant webinars for free to all of our valued NAEP members.

We welcome you to view any and all of the webinars listed below including topics ranging from suggestions on best practices, legislative updates, and leadership.

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Past NAEP Webinars

NAEP offers members and non-members a chance to view and purchase past webinar recordings and materials. If you would like to purchase a webinar recording, please email us at [email protected]


NAEP Member Price: $75
Chapter Member Price: $125
Non-Member Price: $140

View & Purchase Past NAEP Webinars

The ACHP is back for ACRA's next session in its 2020 webinar series! 


NAEP and/or ACRA Members: $89
Non-Members: $129
ACRA Student Members: $19

As a NAEP partner, ACRA is offering their webinars to NAEP members at the ACRA member price. Be sure to check out the NAEP member center for your discount code and more information. 

Each year, The National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) and American Public University (APU) share efforts through an educational alliance with the goal to help prepare environmental professionals to advance in their field through career-relevant education. With this goal in mind, NAEP and APU leaders are constantly collaborating on another series of webcasts focused on career preparation and professional development for environmental professionals.

The 2020 webinar series will showcase environmental professionals sharing their knowledge, projects, and interests related to environmental science, policy, and management.  This webinar series targets and audience of early career professionals, including students, but mid- to late-career professionals, should also find the topics interesting and perhaps gain new insight from current topics including: Climate Change Regulation and Action Plans in Environmental Planning, Quality of the Human Environment and Green Structure, and Spatial Analysis in Environmental Planning.  Webinars are offered free of charge for NAEP members and APU students, faculty, and staff. Please add these to your schedule and plan to join us!