Permanent Conference Committee

Purpose: The Permanent Conference Committee (PPC) facilitates the continued successful planning, implementation, and conduct of the NAEP Annual Conference and Training Symposium (conference).

The NAEP’s conference is the organization’s flagship event and serves to further the NAEP’s mission to be the interdisciplinary organization dedicated to developing the highest standards of ethics and proficiency in the environmental professions.

The PCC identifies potential locations and host chapters/organizations for future conferences; provides oversight of conference planning for adherence to NAEP conference policies; provides guidance and support to the planning and execution of conferences; and coordinates with the NAEP Board of Directors to promote their engagement in the conference planning process.

Each year, an Annual Conference Committee (ACC) is formed to lead the planning and execution of the NAEP conference. The PCC provides guidance and support as needed, but is not directly responsible for annual conference planning.

The PCC is also searching for volunteers to participate in the planning of future Annual Conference locations and activities. 
If you are interested in joining the Permanent Conference Committee, please contact PCC Chair, Timothy Perry, at [email protected].

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