Anna Kohl
  HDR Alaska, Inc.
  2525 C Street, Suite 305
  Anchorage, AK 99503
  Phone:  907-644-2008
  Email:  [email protected]




Anna Kohl is a CEP-In Training and NAEP member, as well as member of the board of directors and national liaison for the Alaska Association of Environmental Professionals. She serves on the NEPA track of the Alaska Forum on the Environment Planning Committee and holds a Certificate in NEPA from the Nicholas School of the Environment Environmental Leadership Program at Duke University. Anna obtained her B.A. in Geology from Mount Holyoke College and is an Associate Vice President at HDR Alaska, Inc., where she has worked on NEPA and environmental science projects since 2004.

Anna leads HDR Alaska’s Resources business group, and has ten years of experience managing private- and public sector environmental and NEPA projects. Anna manages project delivery and resourcing for a group of 55 scientists, including wetland biologists, environmental planners, cultural resource specialists, wildlife biologists, GIS analysts, compliance specialists, waste engineers, and fisheries biologists. Anna has efficiently coordinated and reviewed technical reports and draft documents related to wetlands, hydrology, fish passage, wildlife movement, traffic projections, noise analyses, recreational and visual resources, contaminated sites, cultural resources, water quality, cumulative impact analyses, and project alternative evaluations. She is actively engaged in all technical discipline aspects pertinent to NEPA projects, as well as with agency and stakeholder coordination and communication. She is experienced in field work and composition of wetland delineations and functional assessments, environmental site assessments, site monitoring, baseline environmental studies, review and incorporation of technical studies into environmental documents, subconsultant oversight, and agency coordination. Anna has worked with teams throughout Alaska in remote, rural, and urban settings, and is a proven team leader and participant. Anna has worked on NEPA projects with FHWA, USAF, FERC, USFWS, and USACE as lead federal agency.