­ President’s Award


Project Name: Archaeological Discovery, Education, and Heritage Tourism of the USS/CCC Water Witch, Georgia Department of Transportation


The Georgia Department of Transportation in planning for a highway project near Savannah, Georgia extended the normal right of way survey to a broad 2- to 3- mile corridor to search for and later discover a long forgotten Civil War ship.  The fascinating story of the lost USS/CCC Water Witch and its important role in America’s history is brought to the public through the extraordinary efforts of the many dedicated participants – a noteworthy and lasting accomplishment.


­ Public Involvement Award 


Project Name: Gonzales Pass Widening Improvements US Route 60: Phoenix to Globe Highway, Arizona Department of Transportation


The Arizona Department of Transportation engaged multi-agency development teams to think outside the box to produce an environmental benchmark road widening project in the scenic Tonto National Forest.  A traditional 2-lane highway is transformed into a 4-lane, gateway roadway with independent alignments harmonizing within the rugged desert landscape – a noteworthy accomplishment among engaged cooperators.


­ Environmental Management Award 


Project Name: Cross State Landfill Redevelopment, URS Corporation


Through an extensive cooperative approach to master planning, a former junk yard and environmental liability is transformed into a Fire Rescue Administration and Training Facility and adjacent construction materials recycling operation.  Remediation of the site required management of residual petroleum and a comprehensive storm water management plan.  Beneficial use of 130 acres of land is now underway.


­ Environmental Stewardship Award


Project Name: Brownfield Redevelopment Success Story – Tampa International Center/IKEA Home Furnishings, HSA Engineers & Scientists


A 30-acre industrial site in Tampa, Florida is successfully remediated through effective coordination and execution of a Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement.  Since remediation, an IKEA store opened in May, 2009.  The site now provides over 400 jobs in the area and eliminates the environmental threats of a formally contaminated site.


­ Planning Integration Award 


Project Name:  Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Bureau of Environmental Management, Environmental Science Associates


This complex project of 22 facilities improvements in a 160-mile corridor within the San Francisco Bay Area is guided by a program-level planning and environmental review.  The comprehensive integration of planning enables regulators, planners, and the public to see and understand the benefits of needed water supply improvements for the 2.4 million Bay Area residents. Compiling the complex information in an understandable format is commendable.


Conservation Programs Award


Project Name: Dublin San Ramon Services District/East Bay Municipal Utilities District Recycled Water Authority (DRWA) Public Information and Outreach Plan, ICF International


The multi-phase water recycling project spans several cities and two counties within a large area of diverse population and interests.  Pre-construction outreach and grassroots organization were highly successful as are the continued project communications.  These successes ensure a viable and continuous water supply and safeguard for likely future drought conditions. 



­ NEPA Excellence Award


Project Name: Development and Implementation of Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility, Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center, and Associated Mitigation Plan at Masonville Cove, EA Engineering, Science, and Technology


The Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility addresses the long-term need for adequate placement of Baltimore Harbor’s dredged materials, providing over 15.4 million cubic yards of capacity. Comprehensive planning by five committees enabled the project to successfully utilize existing NEPA reviews, coordinate compatible objectives, review likely alternatives, and select an effective and efficient operation for Baltimore Harbor commerce, which provides annual tax revenues of over $270 million and wages of $2.4 billion per year.


  Education Excellence Award


Project Name: SASWE (Sustainability, Satellites, Water, and Environment) Research Group,  SASWE Research Group, Tennessee Technological University


This innovative, cross-disciplinary project provides the capability for nations around the world, as well as local counties in Tennessee, to engage scientific information and apply research results to pressing water resources issues.  Through understanding of the consequences of artificial reservoirs and application of technical tools, people are provided the means to monitor basin-wide water resources and reach well-reasoned management actions.



­ Best Available Environmental Technology Award


Project Name: North Torrey Pines Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project, AECOM


Retrofitting a historic bridge in the scenic City of Del Mar, California required creative design and advanced construction practices while minimizing environmental impacts from bridge improvements.  Seismic Retrofit, recognized as an outstanding engineering achievement, will begin in June 2010 and continue for over two years.