Hope to See You in Tacoma!

2017 Closes Strong

The National Association of Environmental Pro-

fessionals (NAEP) finished 2017 with a flourish

of activity, including the Conference Planning

Session and Board meeting in preparation for the

2018 Annual Conference in Tacoma, Washington; the final

webinar in the annual series with American Public Uni-

versity on Career Development: Getting in the Door and

Being Present; a final NAEP webinar for the year on the

Impacts of Power Generation and Transmission on Birds

(moderated by NAEP member, Mike Mayer); and elections

for open positions for at-large board members.

2018 NAEP Annual Conference

in Tacoma, Washington,

March 11 – 14, 2018

The 43rd Annual NAEP Conference, Sound Leader-

ship in Environmental Adaptation and Resiliency, is being

hosted by the Northwest Chapter of the Association of

Environmental Professionals in Tacoma, Washington, March

11-14, 2018. Registration and sponsorship opportunities are

still available (Registration:



 ; Sponsorship information:



) . 

Tacoma is readily accessible from the Seattle-Tacoma Inter-

national Airport, located on Puget Sound, midway between

Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park. 

Sunday Workshops and Training

Come in on Sunday to take advantage of the full-day Ad-

vanced NEPA Workshop, a seminar on Seattle’s Elliott Bay

Seawall Replacement Project, or the afternoon Emerging

Professionals Career Skills and Motivational Workshop.

President’s Dinner

I look forward to seeing you all at the President’s Dinner

on Monday evening, which will include live music and a

dinner highlighting Pacific Northwest cuisine and beverages.


Professional Education Tracks

The Conference Committee has planned 53 sessions this

year, including speakers from federal, state, and local agen-

cies; environmental consulting firms; and non-governmen-

tal organizations. The NEPA track is particularly unique

and exciting, featuring a special set of sessions related to

Executive Order 13807, Establishing Discipline and Ac-

countability in the Environmental Review and Permitting

Process, and vetting the NAEP NEPA Practice Group’s

white paper in preparation for submittal to the U.S. Coun-

cil on Environmental Quality.

Keynote Speakers

Take advantage of the opportunity to be inspired by

all four of the keynote speakers, who are leaders in their

respective areas of environmental practice:

March 12th:

Morning Keynotes:

Leonard Forsman, Tribal Chairman of the

Suquamish Tribe

Lynda Mapes, Environmental Reporter,

Seattle Times

Networking Lunch

Edward (Ted) Boling, Associate Director for NEPA,

Council on Environmental Quality

March 13th 

Networking Lunch

Gloria Flora, Founder and Director, Sustainable

Obtainable Solutions


Five tours are available to enrich your conference


Link  Light  Rail Walking Tour

Port  of Tacoma  Boat Tour

Dine Around Tacoma and Historic Brewery Tour

Thea  Foss Waterway  Superfund  Site Walking Tour

Film Screening: Return of the River



The Annual Conference is made possible by

support of our sponsors:

Mount Adams Sponsor

•     HNTB

Mount Hood Sponsors

•     AECOM

American Public University

Ecosystem Investment Partners

HDR, Inc

•     TRC

Mount Baker Sponsors

Anchor QEA, LLC

David Evans and Associates, Inc.

•     ManTech

•     Parametrix

Sapphos Environmental, Inc.

Vermont Law School

Glacier Peak Sponsors

Port  of Tacoma

University of Pennsylvania, Penn LPS

Mount Jefferson Sponsors

Case Studies in the Environment

Historical Research Associates, Inc.

•     Redfin

Terraphase Engineering

Three Sisters Sponsors

Floyd Snider


Affiliated Chapters

Alaska Association of Environmental Professionals

Arizona Association of Environmental Professionals

California Association of Environmental Professionals

Florida Association of Environmental Professionals

Hawaii Association of Environmental Professionals

Illinois Association of Environmental Professionals

Mid-Atlantic Region Environmental Professionals

Mid-America Association of Environmental


North Carolina Association of Environmental



ASM Affiliates, Inc.

Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS)

Environmental Science Associates

Hart Crowser

Holt Services, Inc.

Volaero UAV and Drones Imaging Services

Table Top  Displays

Historical Information Gatherers, Inc.

2018 Is Off to an

Exhilarating Start!

After a brief rest to enjoy the winter holidays with

friends and family, Board reconvened for the first Board

Meeting of 2018, hosted by the South Texas Chapter of

the National Association of Environmental Professionals.

On the day preceding the Board Meeting, the Permanent

Conference Committee convened a special meeting to

revisit the conference planning manual with input from

recent conference hosts and chapters that have expressed

an interest in hosting an annual NAEP Conference. The

NAEP Board initiated the year with a flurry of activity at

the January Board meeting:

Past President Brock Hoegh and Membership Chair

Leslie Tice proposed revisions to the bylaws related to

membership categories, qualifications to serve on the

Executive Committee of NAEP, that were vetted and

will be presented at the General Membership Meet-

ing at the Conference brought back to the Board for

consideration at the March 15, 2018 Board Meeting.


NAEP Treasurer Joseph Musil provided a Financial

Report indicating that 2017 was a successful year and

that he is working with the accountant to close the

books for the year.

Marketing and Communications Pillar Lead and

Chair David Mattern provided an update on the

branding exercise being led by Kite (who will provide

an update at the General Membership meeting at the


NAEP Association Managers Lynne Bynder and Can-

dace Bynder announced that the Lord Baltimore Hotel

has been secured as the venue for the 2019 conference.

Permanent Conference Committee Chair Rona

Spellecacy provided a summary of the work accom-

plished by the committee and an overview of antici-

pated updates to the conference manual.

Leadership Pillar Lead Ron Deverman provided a

summary of 2017 activities and plans for 2018, which

inspired the California Chapter to revisit the Leader-

ship Webinar from November 2017 and share it with

their full board and the boards of their local chapters.

President of the South Texas AEP Chapter April

Brandon made a presentation regarding their efforts

to reinvigorate the Chapter, excellent participation in

events, and short- and longer-term objectives for the


Chapters Pillar and Committee Chair Bill Plumpton

presented a motion to increase the frequency of

Chapter Summits, which was unanimously approved.

NAEP Vice-President and Publication Pillar and

Committee Chair Betty Dehoney reported on the

efforts of Frank Dirrigl, the new editor-in-chief of the

Environmental Practice, to expand the repertoire of

manuscript submittals. Frank will be at the conference

and seeking out presentations that are well-suited for

conversion to manuscript for publication.

Membership Chair Leslie Tice presented excellent

news regarding expanding NAEP membership and

a new membership brochure. Sadly, she also said her

good-byes, as this was her last board meeting. She will

be at the conference, so please make sure to reach out

to her and thank her for all her efforts on behalf of


Many thanks for your collective efforts on behalf of the

environment and your fellow travelers on planet Earth. I

am looking forward to seeing as many of you in Tacoma as

possible. For those of you who will not be with us, you will

be with us in spirit...

  Yours in Service,

Marie Campbell, NAEP President

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