NAEP Annual National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Report for 2016

The National Association of Environmental Professionals’ (NAEP’s) National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Practice (formerly known as the NEPA Working Group) is pleased to present our ninth NEPA Annual Report. This report contains summaries of the latest developments in NEPA as well as the NEPA Practice’s efforts for the past year. This annual report is prepared and published through the initiative and volunteer efforts of members of the NAEP’s NEPA Practice. The 2016 NEPA Annual Report includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. The NEPA Practice in 2016
  3. Just the Stats on 2016 EISs filed with the U.S. EPA
  4. Preparation Times for Environmental Impact Statements Made Available in 2016
  5. Recent Congressional Legislation Regarding NEPA
  6. 2016 NEPA Cases in the U.S. Courts of Appeal and Cumulative Impacts Cases

In 2016, announcements of 312 Draft, Final, and Supplemental Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) were published in the Federal Register. The Forest Service published the most documents with 67 (21% of total), followed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (37/12%), Bureau of Land Management (30/10%), Fish and Wildlife Service (18/17%), and Federal Highway Administration (16/5%) (based on information in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) database of EISs; Additional statistics, including those on EPA’s ratings of Draft EISs, is provided in Section 3 of the Annual Report, “Just the Stats.”

The NEPA Annual Report also found that the average time to prepare the 177 Final EISs issued in 2016 (measured from Notice of Intent to Final EIS) was 5.1 years. While this continues the recent trend of increasing Final EIS preparation times, the average time to prepare the Draft EISs issued in 2016 again showed signs of a decreasing trend. Seventeen percent of Final EISs were prepared in two years or less, a small increase from 2015. Substantially more information is provided in Section 4 of the Annual Report, “Preparation Times for Environmental Impact Statements Made Available in 2016.”

Although numerous bills addressing NEPA were introduced in the 114th Congress, few that were enacted into law contained substantive NEPA provisions. Among those with substantive changes to NEPA practices were the FAST (“Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) Act, particularly its Title XLI, and the WIIN (Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation) Act. These acts, along with the NEPA-related bills introduced in the 114th Congress and early in the 115th Congress, are described in Section 3 of the Annual Report, “Recent Congressional Legislation Regarding NEPA.”

In 2016, the U.S. Courts of Appeal issued 27 substantive decisions involving implementation of NEPA. The 27 cases involved 7 different departments and agencies, with the agencies prevailing in 21 (79 percent) of the cases. Detailed summaries of these cases are provided in Sections 6 and 7 of the Annual Report. The 2016 NEPA Annual Report is available at no cost to NAEP members as an NAEP Member Benefit. NAEP also provides copies to Federal agency NEPA liaisons.

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Updated Oct 11, 2017

NAEP is very excited to welcome three new Young Member Representatives

We would like to introduce Jess Cadorette, Aubrey Gann, and Dana Morey, each of whom is bringing a fresh and new perspective to our Board about how we can attract and provide sustained value to younger professionals!

Jess Cadorette

Jess Cadorette

Jessica Cadorette is a 2016 graduate of Neumann University. Her degree is in Communications and Media Arts, but her passion lies in protecting our natural environment for generations to come. She currently works for an educational media company helping to script video content and write lesson plans for K-12. One of the series she’s working on is an environmental literacy series for Discovery Education, Discovery Channel’s online educational portal for educators and students. She looks forward to a life-long career serving the environment and advocating for sustainable ways of life.

Aubrey Gann

Aubrey Gann

I graduated with my Bachelors in Environmental Studies in 2016 and I am now pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Policy and Management with a concentration in Fisheries and Wildlife Management as well as a certificate in Emergency Management Executive Leadership. I work as a medical system server administrator for the hospital located on Fort Drum, New York and a Staff Sergeant in the US Army Reserves as an instructor. I serve as the APUS NAEP chapter president this year and served as vice president in 2016 and webmaster in 2015. I am also a member of the AMU/APU chapter of The Wildlife Society and the Ecological Society of America.

Dana Morey

Dana Morey

Dana strives to be an environmental protection leader in her physical and virtual communities. She has over 9 years of experience working for a Tribal Environmental Protection Department, exposing her to environmental planning, policy development, environmental compliance, and solid and hazardous waste management. Dana is a member of the American Public University Student Chapter of NAEP and served on the chapter leadership team from 2014-2016 while working toward her Master’s in Environmental Management and Policy. She lives in Southern California with her husband and pug. Dana is excited to be a new NAEP volunteer and a Young Member Rep!

Look forward to hearing from these awesome ladies in the future!

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