Today we celebrate the 46th Earth Day, and today we are reminded again of our relationship with our planet Earth.  For those who gathered in Chicago to participate in NAEP’s Annual Conference I thank you for your commitment to continuing education and excellence in the work we all do.  NAEP is moving forward with new strategic planning initiatives and increasing our volunteer base for NAEP, but parallels can be made with our passion and commitment to the environment and the decisions we make to make this planet better for future generations.  If we all work together we can make NAEP and our Earth a better place.

During my time visiting the beautiful city of Chicago and talking with many of the local participants, I was reminded about the importance of urban planning in every aspect and how maintaining green spaces is essential in maintaining the resident’s quality of life in Chicago.   During the conference, presenters discussed the ever important topics of ecosystem restoration, renewable energy, climate change, land and water use management, sustainable transportation, NEPA, and other engaging topics.  The individuals who presented brought the highest level of awareness and education, and compelled us to move forward on such environmental challenges and overall protection.  

As you celebrate Earth Day today, take a movement and reflect on your responsibility for preserving the environment, make it a part of your daily life, and create the same passion and commitment in your home and the communities you live within. 

Brock Hoegh
NAEP President

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