Training and Tours
Self-guided Tours of the Elwha
Photo: Steve Ringman
The Elwha River on the Olympic Peninsula once produced large runs of huge salmon that supported generations of indigenous peoples and then provided a bounty for settlers. Two dams built nearly a century ago cut off all but five miles of river from the salmon and cause precipitous declines in their runs and changes throughout the watershed extending deep into the Olympic Mountains. Now the dams have been removed, the largest project of this type in the world, and the salmon are returning. For the 2018 annual conference NAEP will be providing information packets on the Elwha dam removal and nearby areas for self-guided tours. Information will include directions to sights on the Elwha, suggestions for where to stay and visit in the area, and sources of background information. The Elwha area is about a three hour drive from Tacoma, WA and easily reached before or after the conference.
Please visit Wikipedia or the National Park Service to learn more!