NAEP's Strategic Plan 

NAEP’s leadership initiated a strategic plan which will guide the organization for the next three years. Since October 2014, a committed group of volunteers have worked with NAEP’s staff to undertake a self-examination and develop a vision to guide the organization moving forward.

Since the roll out of the Strategic Plan in April 2015, a lot of hard work, planning, and engagement has taken place.  Volunteer leads were identified and plans of action put into place for each of the four pillars of focus.  Pillars have aligned with current NAEP Committees and Action Plans were developed and budgets have been set. Not only has each Pillar Lead met with their groups, but the Pillar Leads, staff, and I have regular monthly check-in calls to connect and keep each other informed of progress.  Each Action Plan and additional Pillar information can be found by visiting each of the following pages:

Upon rolling out the Strategic Plan earlier this year, I left you with the sentiment “Innovation demands passion and commitment.” At the center of that message is the directive to move NAEP forward with new strategic planning initiatives and increase our volunteer base. Now is the time to continue your dedication and engagement by becoming more involved. You can personally make a change within NAEP!

I look forward to meeting new volunteer leaders in the near future, watching the growth of NAEP as a direct result of our focused strategic plan, and of course, fielding any questions you may have along the way.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Brock A. Hoegh, CEP
NAEP Immediate Past President
[email protected]

For more information on any aspect of the Strategic Plan, please contact: Brock Hoegh at [email protected], or [email protected].