Environmental Professionals Day 2021

Environmental Professionals Day has been established worldwide on Thursday, April 15 to recognize all the hard work that these individuals do every day to create a more just and sustainable world for all living things. The day has been initiated by a consortium of organizations including the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP), International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment (NZAIA), IAIA - South Africa (IAIAsa), Sociedad Peruana de Evaluación de Impacto Ambiental (SPEIA), IAIA – Ghana (IAIA-Ghana), Korean Society of Environmental Impact Assessment (KSEIA), Consejo Mexicano para la Evaluación de Impactos (COMIMPACT), Association for EIA of Nigeria (AEIAN), Ontario Association for Impact Assessment (OAIA), L’Association québécoise pour l’évaluation d’impact (AQÉI), IAIA - Western & Northern Canada (IAIA-WNC), and Portuguese Association for Impact Assessment (APAI).

Environmental professionals include social and environmental scientists, engineers and planners, public and environmental health specialists, many of whom have continued their work throughout this pandemic monitoring conditions to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Though sometimes working from home these days, environmental professionals continue to create solutions to protect our natural environment, social structures, and human health and safety, and in many places in partnership with Indigenous People, in order to secure a higher quality of life for people and the environment.

The battle against the pandemic ebbs and flows around the world, so we ask that you please show your thanks virtually to our environmental professionals until we can meet in person once again. Here are some ideas for ways you can show your appreciation for all they do:

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  2. Share the work of someone you know on social media and tag them using #EnvironmentalProfessionalsDay or #ThankYouEPs
  3. Share a short bio of someone you know who works to protect our environment and tag with #EnvironmentalProfessionalsDay or #ThankYouEPs
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