Newsletter of the National Association of Environmental Professionals


The National eNews is a bimonthly publication exclusively for current members of NAEP. The newsletter is published in mid January, March, May, July, September and November.  Deadline for submissions is the end of the month prior to publication - for example, the deadline for the January issue is December 31st.


News, information and announcements for the newsletter should be sent to the National Office.


Journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals

Published by Cambridge University Press in cooperation with DePaul University.


Environmental Practice, the journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, aims to provide stimulating research and commentary on significant environmental issues, and publishes papers that reflect the highest standards of professional work on questions linking environmental science and policy.


Environmental Practice is of necessity an interdisciplinary journal, reflecting the complex realities of environmental problems. Manuscripts having a strong interdisciplinary methodology are especially welcome. The audience of Environmental Practice is also highly diverse in terms of places of employment. Readers are located in local and national government agencies, tribal governments, consulting firms, corporations, non-governmental organizations, research laboratories, and educational institutions. This high diversity among readers is a challenge to the journal and its authors, but it is also the major source of its creativity. In an era of increasing specialization among environmental professionals, it is vital to promote cross-fertilization among a wide array of people with specialized interests and responsibilities. Articles appearing in Environmental Practice will therefore have a wide visibility among a diverse set of audiences.


Environmental Practice, published since 1999, is the successor journal to The Environmental Professional, which appeared in 17 volumes from 1978-1995. Environmental Practice honors the fine traditions established by The Environmental Professional while simultaneously opening up new avenues of discussion on environmental issues.


NOTE: Membership in the NAEP includes a subscription to Environmental Practice.