News for the Environmental Professional: The Official Newsletter of the NAEP
The NAEP newsletter is published 4 times a year and emailed to all NAEP members.  The newsletter is published in mid February, May, August and November.  Deadline for submissions is the end of the month prior to publication - for example, the deadline for the February issue dealine is January 31st.

We are always looking for articles for this great practitioner-based publication.  Consider providing our nationwide audience a bit of your professional experience and insight.  What we need is a MS Word document between 1,500 and 3,500 words with photographs, a short personal bio and a picture of you so our readers know who is telling them their story.  It is really important for this publication to represent all fields of professional endeavor and all areas of the country.  If you have an interesting subject or article written by someone else, let me know and we will try to republish it for our audience.

News, information and announcements for the newsletter should be sent to the National Office.


Journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals

Environmental Practice, the journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, aims to provide stimulating research and commentary on significant environmental issues, and publishes papers that reflect the highest standards of professional work on questions linking environmental science and policy.

Environmental Practice, published since 1999, is the successor journal to The Environmental Professional, which appeared in 17 volumes from 1978-1995. Environmental Practice honors the fine traditions established by The Environmental Professional while simultaneously opening up new avenues of discussion on environmental issues.

NOTE: Membership in the NAEP includes a subscription to Environmental Practice.


Environmental Practice Call for Papers  - Brownfields
Brownfields are usually abandoned, closed or under-used industrial or commercial properties such as former gas stations, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and dry cleaning establishments. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines brownfields as "real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant". The EPA estimates that more than 450,000 of these sites dot the landscape across the country.

The December 2016 issue of Environmental Practice is devoted to the subject of Brownfields. We welcome a variety of perspectives from scholars, practitioners, and students in a variety of fields.

Deadline for submittals is July 11, 2016 - please send submissions or questions to

Specific topics that could be addressed include, but are not limited to:


  • Revitalization project case studies
  • Remediation and CERCLA – technical and regulatory strategies
  • Communication between decision-makers and the public
  • Innovative funding of Brownfields cleanup or redevelopment (e.g. Public-Private Partnerships)
  • State-funded Brownfields/cleanup programs
  • Innovations in site investigation and cleanup techniques
  • Evaluating future land use and post-development site risk
  • Ecological valuation at contaminated sites


 The call for papers can be accessed at


National Desk
The NAEP National Desk is a biweekly (once every two weeks) publication of current national issues affecting the environmental professional. The NAEP National Desk is provided through a licensing agreement with Environment and Energy (E&E) Publishing, LLC ( E&E has five daily online publications and they are ClimateWire, EnergyWire, Environment and Energy Daily, Greenwire and E&E News PM.