NAEP December 2016 "News for the Environmental Professional" is now available

Please click the link below to access the NAEP December 2016 Newsletter. This issue contains feature articles and important association information.

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December 2016 - News for the Environmental Professional: The Official Newsletter of the NAEP

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  • President's Letter to Members - page 3
  • Mitigation - Is It Really the Primary Value of NEPA? - page 4
  • Factor That May Be a Game Changer and Must Be Addressed Now: Self-driving Cars and Autonomous-driving Vehicles Deployment - page 8
  • NAEP Career Center - page 14
  • NAEP 2017 Conference Keynote Speaker Information - page 15
  • Advertising  Opportunities in the NAEP Newsletter - page 16
  • NAEP 2017 Conference Sponsor and Exhibitor Information - page 17
  • NAEP is Looking for Young Professionals to Serve on our Committees and Strategic Pillars! - page 18
  • Reflection: Why Should I Join  NAEP and Volunteer on a Committee or Become a Board Member? - page 19
  • NAEP Announces Two New Topics for the Community  Forum - page 20
  • Annual National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Report for 2015 Available  Online to NAEP Members - page 21
  • 2016 APU & NAEP Webinar  Series - page 22
  • Highlights of the NAEP-APU Partnership - page 24
  • Nominate an Emerging Environmental Professional - page 25
  • Environmental Practice: Call for Papers - page 26
  • Get your CEP - Save Thousands of Dollars - page 27
  • Please Donate to the James Roberts Scholarship  Fund - page 28
  • Become a Certified Environmental Professional  (CEP) - page 29
  • NAEP Membership Benefits - page 30

We are always looking for articles for this great practitioner-based publication.  Consider providing our nationwide audience a bit of your professional experience and insight.  What we need is a MS Word document between 1,500 and 3,500 words with photographs, a short personal bio and a picture of you so our readers know who is telling them their story.  It is really important for this publication to represent all fields of professional endeavor and all areas of the country.  If you have an interesting subject or article written by someone else, let me know and we will try to republish it for our audience.

The NAEP Newsletter - News for the Environmental Professional - is now accepting advertising on a very limited scale. Advertising helps to offset the costs of producing the improved newsletter. By limiting the amount of advertising in each issue we will be able to maintain the usefulness of the information. If you or your company is interested in supporting the mission of NAEP through advertising in this publication, please call Tim Bower. If you are reading this so do many in your potential market. This is a cost effective way to reach them while supporting NAEP.  

NAEP continues to make great strides toward providing you with real and measureable value for your membership. Help us to make NAEP even better in the future by participating and making your expertise available. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Tim Bower at or call 856-283-7816.

The next issue of the E-News is scheduled for mid February 2017.

Paul Looney
Newsletter Editor


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