NAEP announces August 3 Cohen NEPA Summit Webinar

August 3, 2016 - Cohen NEPA Summit Summary Report - for more information about the August 3 webinar please click here
The August 3 webinar will summarize the dialogue and proposed results of the Cohen National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Summit and related sessions held at the National Conference, including key themes that resulted from input provided by Summit participants. The panel will discuss the challenges posed by the current organizational structure in most federal agencies in relation to the consideration of the environment in the decision-making process. The panel will provide an overview of recommendations that have been identified for addressing staffing and training needs in key federal agencies. The panel will also explore the successful use of NEPA to solve environmental issues and blend environmental goals with social, economic, security, and other needs that occurs when senior managers take a leadership role in the environmental review process. The speakers will be Ted Boling, Associate Director for NEPA, Council on Environmental Quality, Shannon Stewart, Principal Technical Associate, ESA and NAEP Board Member and Fred R. Wagner, Principal, Beveridge & Diamond. The moderator will be Ray Clark, President, RiverCrossing Strategies.
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Please call 856-283-7816 or email if there are questions or you need assistance with registration.


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